eChecker for E-Bikes

eChecker and Drive Unit Test bench (eMP) have been developed in close cooperation with e-bike manufacturers, testing institutes and magazines. The result is a universal performance test bench for e-bikes / pedelecs of all makes and for all drives. It doesn't matter whether it is an e-bike with a medium or hub motor (front motor on request only) - after more than 500,000 e-bikes tested, our test benches are optimized so that every e-bike can be quickly clamped and connected to the technology with little effort. Even overlength e-bikes are no problem for the flexible eChecker. The hardware of the eChecker consists of a basic configuration, which can be extended according to your requirements.

eChecker and eMP are equally suitable for use in research & development, troubleshooting, range and endurance testing. Security also has top priority.

eChecker technic

Eddy current brakeeChecker eddy current brakeTo simulate the driving resistance.

Crank driveeChecker crank driveFor the simulation of human pedalling.

Quick couplingeChecker quick coupling

Live displayeChecker live displayMeasured values in real time

We are particularly proud of the development of our software. A test is carried out according to your requirements, i.e. you define the field of application. With our modules, you can program a test sequence yourself and determine exactly what you want to have tested. The result is evaluated in a curve diagram. The test sequence and can thus be read precisely.

During the test, 100 complete measurement data sets per second are processed and evaluated. Depending on your requirements, our software can be used to check the behaviour of the e-bike under certain loads or tour profiles (uphill, stop-and-go, etc.), e.g. pushing aid speed, switch-off time or maximum power. In addition, the voltage and current consumption of the battery, current from the drive, cadence, speed, power, input power of the crank drive, input power of the rear wheel drive or the driving resistance and much more are measured.

You can define new tests conveniently from your workstation using our web-based interface and follow their progress live. Or you can simply use our predefined tests from our test database, e.g. standard tests.

The test can be conveniently controlled via an optionally available touch PC.

eChecker is a specialist for end-of-line testing: In order to enable the use in assembly line operation, not only the set-up times on the eChecker for the e-bikes are extremely short, but also the handling as comfortable as possible. For example, the clamping has been optimized with a three-point adjustment so that all movement sequences can be performed quickly and conveniently. This means that the e-bike can be fixed for the eChecker test within five seconds without removing the crank.

When using several eCheckers, it is also possible to synchronize the test programs via a local server. The results are evaluated and automatically transferred to your company IT.

However, these are only a few examples for the application. We would be happy to discuss your personal requirements profile with you and help you configure your eChecker or eMP.

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