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In-house testing

eChecker also offers its customers in-house tests as a service.

Different tests can be carried out for you:

  • Series tests with various driving profiles to test different e-bikes or the same e-bikes of a series.
  • Endurance tests, e.g. to find faults that only occur after a long period of operation or to try out the behaviour or durability of certain components.
  • Function tests in the event of problems, e.g. with end customers.

Our experts will be happy to advise you. Just send us an email with your test wishes.

eChecker training

In addition to regular maintenance, we also offer instruction and inhouse-training on the eChecker test benches.

The training courses described below enable our customers to carry out large parts of the service independently and thus ensure the test benches operational readiness at all times.

eChecker training

In the hardware training the participants learn

  • how the test bench maintenance plan must be implemented,
  • how the function of the test bench components is checked,
  • how wearing parts are replaced,
  • how the test bench can be repaired,
  • how the test bench is calibrated.

In the software training, the participants learn

  • how the test bench software works,
  • how the operating concept is structured,
  • how to use the test bench programming language,
  • how to write your own test programs,
  • how reports are created according to your own requirements,
  • how the raw data can be further processed,
  • how the test results are interpreted.

Training courses and training materials are available in German and English. At the end of the training, participants receive an eChecker certificate which is valid for two years. The one- or two-day training courses are generally held in Kirchheim near Munich. eChecker also offers its customers on-site training. The training courses are then held in rooms provided by you on one of your eChecker test benches.

If you are interested and have further questions, please contact our experts by email.

Maintenance & service contract

The eChecker- / Drive Units- / E-Scooter-test benches are reliable and have a long service life. This stability is ensured by regular maintenance of the test benches according to the eChecker maintenance and service schedules.

The maintenance & service contract is therefore part of the purchase contract.

The purchase of eChecker- / Drive Units- / E-Scooter-test benches also includes the installation of the test bench on site (ATTENTION: only valid for D- / A- / CH-countries!). In addition, your employees will be carefully instructed in how the eChecker or eMP works and how to interpret the result diagrams. In addition, eChecker offers training courses lasting several days (see: Training). Since the e-bike and E-Scooter market is still very dynamic, maintenance also means that our software and hardware are constantly adapted to new regulations and further developments. However, this does not apply to conversions or upgrades due to customer wishes.

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