Drive Unit & Virtual Bike

Drive Unit

eChecker's "Drive Unit" is the compact performance test bench for e-bike mid-range motors of all brands. Classic applications for the "Drive Unit" are end-of-line quality testing and endurance testing.

If the component selection is correct, does the motor, for example, work properly at stop-and-go in virtual city traffic, does it lock reliably at 25 km/h? You determine the test parameters yourself. Equally popular, however, is the use of the "Drive Unit" for endurance tests. Many malfunctions only become apparent after a certain runtime. Malfunctions can thus be better researched and possibly insufficiently resilient individual parts can be more easily identified and replaced if necessary.

Drive Unit

Drive Unit tests all e-bike middle motors. Field of application: End-of-line and endurance tests.

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Virtual Bike

eChecker's "virtual bike" is particularly suitable for research and development. Because it tests everything that the eChecker for e-bikes also tests, only without the frame of the e-bike. The advantage: the "virtual bike" is relatively small, compact and handy. This makes work not only easier, but also faster. In a small space, for example, you can carry out comparative tests with various (supplied) components and thus filter out the best interaction. Disturbing influences such as tyre profile, tyre pressure and rider weight are eliminated with the "virtual bike". In general, the virtual bike allows you to test all e-bike-relevant electrical and electronic properties by, for example, testing different gear systems such as hub gears versus derailleur gears against each other.

The "Virtual Bike" can also be used for reverse engineering.

"Virtual Bike" – the compact, smaller brother of the eChecker, tests all the electrics and electronics of the e-bike just like the eChecker, but without the bicycle frame. The field of application is research and development (R&D) as well as reverse engineering.

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