Ten good reasons for eChecker

  • eChecker and engine test bench (eMP) is suitable for all brands, drives and circuits of e-bikes / pedelecs.
  • Minimum set-up times for e-bikes / pedelecs and drive systems, i.e. < 30 seconds.
  • eChecker and drive unit test bench (eMP) simulate human pedaling during the tests.
  • The use of autonomous tests (i.e. without driver) objectifies results. Tests with the eChecker always run under the same conditions. This enables comparability and reproducibility.
  • With our tests, complete driving profiles can be created, e.g. city, tour or mountain profiles. Human driving behavior is simulated in all conceivable situations (stop-and-go, uphill and mountain, etc.).
  • With the eChecker and drive unit test bench (eMP), the durability of your components can be checked in endurance tests or comparisons can be made to competitors.
  • Problems such as overheating, undervoltage, errors during recuperation or when switching off at 25 km / h can be quickly identified and, if necessary, solved.
  • eChecker can check e-bikes according to DIN EN 15194.
  • eChecker specialises in the manufacture of standard "end-of-line" test benches with high loads and extremely short set-up times.
  • The test benches can be integrated into test automation systems (e.g. Vector) via open interfaces (network, CAN).
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